A New Way to Celebrate!

Join us for the Third Annual Sensory Sensitive Fourth of July Celebration at The Sound at Cypress Waters on July 3, starting at 6 pm!

This special Independence Day event offers a fun and safe alternative for individuals and pets with noise sensitivity.
After two years of trying laser light shows and determining their ineffectiveness, we have transitioned to a new final presentation: the Star Spangle Glow, an LED Bracelet Experience.
This innovative show will provide attendees with LED bracelets that synchronize to create a dynamic and immersive light display, offering a unique and engaging way to celebrate.
This event has been created to keep individuals with sensory sensitivities in mind.
These individuals may be:
    • Individuals who experience all spectrums of autism or a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication 
    • Individuals who suffer from an aversion to loud noises, including Veterans
    • Families who own pets that are typically affected by loud noises
Join us July 3rd from 6 – 10 PM for a concert by Reputation, A Tribute to Taylor Swift, animal education from Creature Teacher, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Petting Zoo, Disc Dog Demonstrations on the lawn, face painting, and more.

6-8 PM
Creature Teacher
DFW Disc Dog Demonstrations – Event Lawn
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Petting Zoo
Spin The Spectrum
Face Painting
Balloon Artist
Arts and Crafts Area

7:30-9:30 PM
Reputation, A Taylor Swift Tribute

9:40 PM – 10 PM
Star Spangle Glow
An LED Bracelet Experience

More information on this event will be coming soon, but you’ll want to mark your calendars now for this spectacular event!

Recap of Sensory Sensitive 2023

Wondering what to expect this year? View the video below and check out the recap from Sensory Sensitive 2023!

Family outting Fourth of July colorful event for fireworks

Tips For The Autism Community

July 4th is a wonderful holiday to celebrate, but it’s also a noisy and busy one. This can present challenges for people on the autism spectrum.


Preparing for the 4th

Preparing for the 4th of July activities will help any situation that arises.  Here are 6 tips to help…then put the. 


Sparkler Closeup With American Flag In Background. Celebrating 4th Of July Independence Day

Tips For Veterans

Americans celebrate our country’s birthday with parades, picnics and cookouts. For many, the fireworks are the “icing” on the cake of the 4th of July. But for individuals with…


Young border collie dog on a leash in park

Tips For Pet Owners

Whether for the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, or another celebration, many dog owners deal with howling, barking, and generally anxious dogs during fireworks.


A short Story of what to expect
at our Sensory Sensitive Event!

frequently asked question

The Sensory Sensitive 4th of July Celebration has been designed to be sensory-friendly and welcoming for people with Autism, sensory issues, Veterans, and pets! There will be a number of activities at The Sound including a balloon artist, face painting, Creature Teacher, a live band Reputation, A Taylor Swift Tribute and Star Spangled Glow, An LED Bracelet Experience in place of fireworks!

Read our “What to Expect at the Sensory Sensitive 4th of July Celebration!” story to your children or loved ones with Autism or anxiety! Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help people feel better about trying something new!

Click Here For What To Expect


6:00 pm – 8:00 pm:

Picnic areas open, Animal Educational area, Dallas Symphony Orchestra Petting Zoo, DFW Disc Dog Demonstrations, Riverside Church Arts and Crafts, Face Painting and Balloon Art

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm: 

Reputation, A Taylor Swift Tribute on stage at the Rogers-O’Brien Amphitheater

9:40 pm: Star Spangle Glow A LED Bracelet Experience

Click Here For Our Event Story

Complimentary earplugs and pom poms will be available at all retailers at The Sound! Ear plugs will help block out the noise. For those feeling overwhelmed, using these simple items may offer a sense of relief from too much sensory input. We suggest reading the “What To Expect” Story above with your child or loved one so they’ll be better prepared to attend! Knowing what to expect in advance often cuts down on anxiety! For older teens or adults, viewing The Sound’s website and reviewing photos of the stage and surrounding buildings may help them feel less anxious! You may also want to discuss what your family or group will be doing in advance- i.e.- eating at one of the restaurants, or bringing your own food, or whatever the case may be. Managing expectations ahead of time can often cut down on anxiety or conflict.


The entire event was created to take into account the needs of those with sensory issues, but should you or a loved one feel overwhelmed during the event, The Sound will have one designated “Calm Zone” in the Town Hall which is located upstairs of The Flying Saucer, inside, for anyone who may need a break from action! This zone can be easily located on the Event map found on the Sensory Sensitive website below.


The Lightbridge Academy booth and restaurants at The Sound will have complimentary ear plugs!

For parents of children with Autism, we suggest bringing snacks, toys, and activities to do while waiting for the activities and festivities! You may want to bring your own sensory items such as noise-canceling headphones, or any other preferred items. All Sensory Sensitive Celebration guests should bring their own blankets and/or lawn chairs to sit on in the grass areas of The Sound.

There are six restaurants within The Sound and you can check out the restaurants and menus here: https://thesoundtx.com/dine/ Restaurant staff have received training on how to be Autism-friendly which will also benefit those with sensory challenges! If you want to cut down on wait times, you can pre-order your food from the restaurants using the link provided!  You are also welcome to bring your own picnic food and drinks!

Parking is free and available! You can see the Parking map below.

Sound Event Parking Map 2024

Yes! Pets are welcome! All pets must be on leashes!

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We want to make sure you ahve all the information you need to make this a stress-free and enjoyable event. If you have any questions at all, please contact us below!



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